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Makeup Brush: The Different Types

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

I am sure you are aware of this one (not rocket science) but each brush has a specific purpose in the beauty lifespan of your life, either to put foundation on or apply a thin, sleek line of black eyeliner. The length and thickness of brushes differs and it is important to know so that you get amazing, appropriate and long-lasting brushes. Here are some of my recommendations for the most vital brushes for your collection.

Flat Brush (a.k.a. Miss Foundation): This brush is used to apply foundation. It’s ideal for fusing together product, covering your pores and leaving you with an even smooth complexion. This is the perfect foundation base for any beautiful look you desire to achieve.

Powder Brush (a.k.a. Miss Flossy): This flossy round brush is your best brush for applying all face powders. After Miss Foundation, with this brush you will be able to evenly apply powder to set your base. It may become your new best girlfriend as it can be used for bronze, blushes and highlighters powders.

Angled Face Brush (a.k.a Miss Fluffy): This fluffy angled brush with its long bristles is great for adding dimensions without disturbing your foundation, apart from applying powder to your face as well. Sprinkle on blush or a bronze to help contour your face for a more angled finish.

Lip Brush: Looking for those gorgeous lips that you like to pout then this brush with its precision flat tip and firm bristles can give you that pout it deserves with no bleeding and a good even coverage and rich colour. Start by lining your lips, then work from the centre of your lip towards the edges, filling in your lipstick in with this brush. Finish by connecting your colour in the corner of your lips with the blunt tip of this brush to blend product.

Short Firm Brush: Perfect for applying eyeshadow, this brush can be used in the corner of the eye and along the eyelid. These brushes generally have soft bristles and they go well with powder eyeshadows. Just like the angled face brush, this beauty curves the eye and adds depth. This is the perfect eyeshadow brush that every girl should own.

Angled Eyeliner Brush: If you use eyeliner as a cream or gel then this brush can work wonders. This brush’s short, firm bristles gives you the perfect drive to create a cat eye and bonds together for fluid lash line application.

Enjoy life!

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